4 Reasons Why Verniece Enciso loves to take her V7+ Matte Black on her trips

September 29, 2017

Travelling feeds the creative part of me that I’ve kept hidden during the years I trained as a professional ice skater. With all the inspiration I get from the trips we’ve been doing, I unleash that side of me through the photos we publish for the blog and the videos I edit for our channel. While Vern loves to keep memories through souvenirs and material things, I do by taking a million and one photos & videos home with me. The thing with me though is that I never like to bring too much baggage with me, as much as I’ve never mastered the art of packing light, I’m not one to keep the unnecessary. This is why the new V7+ is my new travel essential. It serves as my phone, camera and even where I keep all my songs! Let me tell you more about the notable features of the phone.

1. 24MP Front Camera = Clearer Selfies.

It’s both an good and a bad thing but we are a selfie generation. It’s one of those things that we all secretly do and it would take a million and one before we get the perfect shot. With V7+’s 24MP front camera sensor, it creates a softlight effect that make our selfies taken at night naturally brighter. The face beauty 7.0 makes anyone, no matter how much effort you’ve put on yourself today, beautiful! It’s perfect for video calls 😉 The selfie camera allows a bokeh effect too!

Vivo V7+

2. 5.99″ All Screen Display.

Move aside, Iphone 8! Vivo was first! 😛 See more with a slimmer bezel design as the screen to body ration is up to 84.4%. with this all screen display, you can experience more but still having the perfect size for the perfect hand grip! 🙂

Vivo V7+

3. Faster and smoother operating performance.

For all the tech geeks out there, here are the specs of the phone:
– 1.8GHz CPU Qualcomm Octa-core
– 4GV RAM ensures smooth experience
– 64 GB ROM (expandable to 256 GB)
– Andriod Nougat 7.1
– Fingerprint sensor unlocks your phone in 0.2 seconds
– Big battery 3225 mAh
– Smart split 3.0
– APP Clone

Vivo V7+

4. HI-FI MUSIC with AK4376A.

Vivo was the first to brand to ever introduce high fidelity sound quality in a smartphone!

Vivo V7+

Source: https://www.vernverniece.com/wp/2017/09/4-reasons-new-vivo-v7-new-travel-essential/

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